Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zombie Pub Crawl 2011: Zombie Nurse

So the ZPC came and went, and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! I was so happy with my costume!

I was really happy with how the blood stains turned out. I made my own blood and did the spatter a few days before the pub crawl so it could dry. I also made some wounds, but I didn't have any adhesive, so they mostly just fell off. I didn't wear them out. Oh well, I was good practice.

The crawl itself was super fun! We went to a few bars/events, but they were charging a TON for drinks. We ended up going over to our regular place and just drinking there. It was still really fun to just walk around and encounter all the other zombies!

Also, before we left, a little kitty appeared!! We became friends, of course. :3

That's all for ZPC 2011. I'm working on my Halloween 2011 costume right now. It's almost complete! I'm cutting it pretty close this year...still have a few more details to attach, and it needs to be ready by Friday! Woop!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

ZPC 2011 and Halloween!

So I'm working on ideas for my Zombie Pub Crawl/Halloween costumes for this year. For ZPC I'm pretty positive I'm going as a zombie nurse, but's dumb. I'm doing something more vintage, along the lines of this look:

I'm already working on the hat (pics to come) and I have a sketch of the basic idea I want. Also this year, I'm making legit wounds using molds and liquid latex. I've been doing some practice stuff, and I'm really getting the hang of it. Also this year, I'm not going to be doing make-up for EVERYONE in my group. I might sell some prosthetics, but that's about it. I don't want to spend the whole afternoon getting everyone else ready.

For Halloween, I'm thinking about doing a Star Wars theme. I've always wanted to go as Princess Leia, and I think a great Ironic Sexy Costume would be Sexy Chewbacca. When I came up with this idea, I thought it was super unique and original. Recently, while doing research, I found this monstrosity:

UGH, THE HORROR. So now I don't know what to do. Should I still do Sexy Chewy, even though it's already a real costume??


For my sister's birthday, a couple of us surprised her with a horseback riding trip! We decided to make a photo-shoot out of it and dress up in theme. As usual, this whole costume was purchased at local thrift stores, and cost me a grand total of $10.

I wore some white pants without back pockets (the closest thing to riding pants I could find) and a nice blue blazer. I had a Victorian-esque turtleneck that I wore underneath, with a nice scarf as the finishing touch. The boots I owned already.
I straightened my hair and tied it back, and just wore some simple make-up (eyeliner and lipgloss.) I wanted to make a riding crop, but didn't have enough time.
Here's a picture of the whole group (minus Matt) in our outfits! We made Lizzy change when we got there, so she wouldn't get any clues! It was a super fun trip!

Sexy Dino

Haha, ok, so last year for Halloween I decided to start the tradition of wearing an "Ironic Sexy Costume" for Halloween. I get really peeved by girls who dress up as a "Sexy Bee" or a "Sexy Cop" for Halloween. I mean, where do you draw the line? So I went out and bought myself a toddler's dinosaur costume, cut it up, and made this li'l beauty!
I re-sewed the little baby gloves into fingerless gloves, and cut off the legs to make boot covers. I pinned the tail to my shorts and cut the hood into a fashionable hat.
I wore thigh-high stockings with a garter underneath and a little red top with a jacket over for warmth (I took the jacket off at the club.) For the hat, I took out a bunch of the stuffing and then sewed some clips on the bottom. I was really surprised by how well it stayed in! It didn't fall off once!

For make-up, I wore orange and yellow eyeshadow with some spot detailing around my eyes, and bright red lipstick. I made three claws for each hand out of long fake costume nails. I sanded them and re-painted them, adding blood-stained tips. I also made a fang necklace out of clay, which I painted the same color as the nails.

I really loved this costume, and I spent a lot of time planning it out. I'd like to fix it up a little bit and wear it again for something, but so far I haven't had any invites to anything where a costume like this would be acceptable!

Troll 2 Goblin Queen

Oh jeepers, this costume...So my friend Matt is IN LOVE with the movie Troll 2. I mean, it's probably the greatest film ever created, so I can't blame him. ANYway. He had a Troll 2 party, and we were supposed to go in costume...which for normal people means wearing green or something. I bought a black bathrobe and a long black skirt at a thrift store to make this costume. I cut off the bottom of the robe and just used the top, and then put on the skirt and added the slit in the side. I used a piece of black fabric as a belt, and everything else I had already.

I wore a bunch of silver bracelets and some necklaces that I had as accessories, and I brought a piece of fake corn as a prop. For make-up, I wore some nice green eyeshadow and subtle red lips. I just wore my hair normal, since it looks pretty accurate anyway. I might have to touch up this one, just in case.........

Zombie Pub Crawl 2010: Wichita

 Braaaaains!! For my very first year at the ZPC, I decided to go as a Zombie!Wichita from the movie Zombieland! I don't really think anyone recognized me as her, but whatever, it was fun! I bought an oversized shirt and a cheap fake leather jacket at a thrift store. Then I cut holes and tears in both of them. I used my own jeans, belt, and boots for the lower half.
Make-up was just a little smudge of eyeliner and straight hair, and then I went to work on the wounds. I used toilet paper and glue to make my wounds, so they're pretty terrible. I also ran out of face paint, since I was doing make-up for a bunch of other people, so I pretty much just ended up as a bloody mess by the end of the night, haha.

Classic Vampire

Rawr!! For Halloween 2009, I was planning on being Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dame. Unfortunately, my corset didn't arrive on time, so I was forced to put something together last minute. I ran to the local thrift store and picked up a couple of skirts, a petticoat, and a plain blue cotton shirt.
 I cut a deep square neckline on the blue shirt. I didn't have time to sew it, so it's still really rough. The corset I already had, so I just had to fix up the skirts.

 I bought a knee-length black skirt and a long blue skirt to wear. I pinned the sides of the black skirt to create a bustle effect. I just used safety pins along the sides, making sure to keep the pins hidden.

For accessories, I used a blue ribbon and a silver goddess charm I had laying around. I also wore two oversized rings and my vampire fangs (duh!)

I wore a cape for warmth, and some old lace up shoes I have. For make-up, I wore deep red lipstick and dark eyeliner with a slight wing.

I really enjoyed wearing this costume, and I'm looking for a reason to spend a little time sprucing it up!