Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zombie Pub Crawl 2010: Wichita

 Braaaaains!! For my very first year at the ZPC, I decided to go as a Zombie!Wichita from the movie Zombieland! I don't really think anyone recognized me as her, but whatever, it was fun! I bought an oversized shirt and a cheap fake leather jacket at a thrift store. Then I cut holes and tears in both of them. I used my own jeans, belt, and boots for the lower half.
Make-up was just a little smudge of eyeliner and straight hair, and then I went to work on the wounds. I used toilet paper and glue to make my wounds, so they're pretty terrible. I also ran out of face paint, since I was doing make-up for a bunch of other people, so I pretty much just ended up as a bloody mess by the end of the night, haha.

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