Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sexy Dino

Haha, ok, so last year for Halloween I decided to start the tradition of wearing an "Ironic Sexy Costume" for Halloween. I get really peeved by girls who dress up as a "Sexy Bee" or a "Sexy Cop" for Halloween. I mean, where do you draw the line? So I went out and bought myself a toddler's dinosaur costume, cut it up, and made this li'l beauty!
I re-sewed the little baby gloves into fingerless gloves, and cut off the legs to make boot covers. I pinned the tail to my shorts and cut the hood into a fashionable hat.
I wore thigh-high stockings with a garter underneath and a little red top with a jacket over for warmth (I took the jacket off at the club.) For the hat, I took out a bunch of the stuffing and then sewed some clips on the bottom. I was really surprised by how well it stayed in! It didn't fall off once!

For make-up, I wore orange and yellow eyeshadow with some spot detailing around my eyes, and bright red lipstick. I made three claws for each hand out of long fake costume nails. I sanded them and re-painted them, adding blood-stained tips. I also made a fang necklace out of clay, which I painted the same color as the nails.

I really loved this costume, and I spent a lot of time planning it out. I'd like to fix it up a little bit and wear it again for something, but so far I haven't had any invites to anything where a costume like this would be acceptable!

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