Sunday, August 28, 2011

Troll 2 Goblin Queen

Oh jeepers, this costume...So my friend Matt is IN LOVE with the movie Troll 2. I mean, it's probably the greatest film ever created, so I can't blame him. ANYway. He had a Troll 2 party, and we were supposed to go in costume...which for normal people means wearing green or something. I bought a black bathrobe and a long black skirt at a thrift store to make this costume. I cut off the bottom of the robe and just used the top, and then put on the skirt and added the slit in the side. I used a piece of black fabric as a belt, and everything else I had already.

I wore a bunch of silver bracelets and some necklaces that I had as accessories, and I brought a piece of fake corn as a prop. For make-up, I wore some nice green eyeshadow and subtle red lips. I just wore my hair normal, since it looks pretty accurate anyway. I might have to touch up this one, just in case.........

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